Minister of Sports reassures Al Zamalek delegation before the African Super match

By: Reem Sameh

Dr. Ashraf Sobhy,  Minister of Youth and Sports, made a phone call to Ismail Youssef - Head of the delegation of the First Football Team in Zamalek Club, to check on the team before the upcoming match in the African Super Cup between Al Zamalek and Espérance de Tunis, scheduled to be held Friday in Doha.

The Minister of Youth and Sports followed up all the procedures related to the presence of Al Zamalek Club in Doha, and checked all aspects of receiving the team and regarding the accommodation and subsistence. Dr. Ashraf Sobhy also reassured the players and their technical level, expressing his wishes for the team to be crowned the African Super Cup.

This comes within the framework of the keenness of the Minister of Youth and Sports to follow up the conditions of all Egyptian sports delegations that participate in the external competitions, whether clubs or federations, in the forefront of which are the national teams.