Announcement: the 1st Youth Program “Global Citizen talks” broadcast live in English will be soon launched


The Ministry of Youth and Sports, chaired by Dr. Ashraf Sobhy (together with the African Youth Bureau/ the Central Administration of cultural and voluntary programs)- launches the “Global Citizen” Program, which is broadcast live in English on various social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, youtube, Linked in). The Program will host decision makers and world figures working in various fields from different parts of the world and from Egypt.

The Program aims to support the concept of unity and global participation, to direct positive messages to the world youth from Cairo, to globally popularize successful youth experiences, to expand the cultural content among young people interactively as well as to extend bridges of communication between young people through effective communication and direct contact with young people from different backgrounds and to prepare cadres and youth leaders with the ability to make a difference on the ground.

This springs from the Youth Ministry’s belief in the important role of youth in facing global crises, being at the forefront of raising awareness about the dangers of diseases and methods of prevention, and designing programs that respond to various needs, whether health, economic, societal or political.