Sports Minister witnesses a meeting with the Egyptian Olympic Committee

By: Reem Sameh

Dr. Ashraf Sobhy, Minister of Youth and Sports, witnessed a meeting of the Egyptian Olympic Committee headed by Eng. Hesham Hatab, which was held at the headquarters of the Olympic Committee to discuss the medical plan developed by the Medical Committee of the Egyptian Olympic Committee in all its aspects related to precautionary measures to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus when resuming sports activity.

Dr. Hassan Kamal, head of the medical committee of the Olympic Committee, explained the coordinating steps of the plan that was developed and done with the Medical Committee at the Ministry of Youth and Sports, and presented the general conception of the return of sports activity and the medical and precautionary measures that could be taken, in light of the preparations for the gradual return of sports activity starting from the middle of June, according to the Prime Minister decision. 

The Minister of Youth and Sports drew attention to everyone's desire to develop a comprehensive medical plan that includes all the expected scenarios for all circumstances, and the preventive and medical precautions that help the return the Egyptian sports activity. While protecting all participating elements in sports activity.

Sobhy stressed the priority of putting the safety and health of the players first, and the strict commitment to all necessary precautionary measures recommended by the world health organization and the Egyptian health ministry to protect Egypt's champions in various sports.

Eng. Hesham Hatab explained that the Egyptian Olympic Committee has been exerting a great effort to discuss medical plans for the teams and players qualified for Tokyo Olympic Games. And that currently they are working on a comprehensive plan for sports in order to be ready for its return. Indicating that we should be ready early and have future plans to face all upcoming situations and use the experiences of other countries. “What concerns us is the health of our players and the return of sports activity safely." Hesham Hatab said.