Youth Ministry launches its first online show in English this Thursday


The Egyptian Ministry of Youth and Sports , represented by the African Youth Bureau and the Central Administration for Cultural and Voluntary Programs, is to launch its first-ever online show in English , called' Global Citizen Talks' , this Thursday. The program's first episode is to interview one of the world's most influential young leaders.

The episodes will be broadcast live on the official Facebook pages of Ministry of Youth and Sports , the African Youth Bureau, Nasser Youth Movement , Model African Union-Egypt and Bozoor Educational Project page in addition to YouTube.

According to the Youth Ministry, this online show seeks to enhance the concept of unity and collective responsibility besides highlighting the success stories of many people worldwide.

The program's guest list includes a host of senior decision makers and young leaders from different countries worldwide with the aim of sending out positive messages to the world's youth in addition to creating a link between young people and decision makers in a way that contributes to the development of youth cadres that are capable of making a tangible impact on the ground.

It is worth mentioning that this program is part of the ministry's broader strategy to empower young people and strengthen their role in confronting global crises, believing in their ability to respond to these crises through various awareness and interactive activities and programs. The online show is to be hosted by Mrs. Amira Sayed, a senior journalist at The Egyptian Gazette Newspaper and Egypt's Representative at World Youth Parliament for Water. ٍShe has also covered many important events inside and outside Egypt.