“Innovation and Supporting Social Responsibility for a Better Future”. The first episode of Global Citizen Talks (GCTalks)

By: Reem Sameh

“Coronavirus .. an opportunity to rediscover oneself”, Sentis said.

The first episode of Global Citizen Talks (GCTalks) was broadcasted last Thursday, sponsored by the African Youth Bureau and the Central Administration for Cultural and Voluntary Programs in the Egyptian Ministry of Youth and Sports, entitled “Innovation and Supporting Social Responsibility for a Better Future”. The program started its first episode by hosting Mr. Carlos Sentis from Spain, The 31-year-old Founder of World Impact Alliance, Member of the World Economic Forum working group and a lecturer at more than 7 international universities.

Sentis expressed his happiness for participating in the GCTALKS at the beginning of the episode, and pointed out the importance of such programs in supporting the dialogue language and communication between the youth in various World’s countries. Referring to the consequences of Coronavirus, Sentis considered that the quarantine is a period to rediscover oneself and called everyone to make the best use of this period. Sentis also assured that he closely follows the changes that have occurred to all sectors in different countries after the spread of Coronavirus. 

Speaking of World Impact Alliance, Sentis assured that the main aim of this foundation is to enhance the social responsibility of companies and organizations in both public and private sectors through many partnerships with the different governments, NGOs and the Media. He expressed that achieving this goal is not easy, but not impossible.

Carlos Sentis talked during his participation in the GCTALKS about his journeys around the world and his visits to more than 30 countries, assuring that what brings us together is more than what separates us. He also talked about his last visit to Egypt during his participation in the third edition of World Youth Forum under the auspices of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, and expressed his happiness for speaking with President El-Sisi in one of the forum’s sessions and emphasized the importance of creating a link between the youth and decision makers.

At the end Sentis sent a message to the youth in different countries of the world and urged them to help others, be stronger, enjoy the positive sides of life and discovered their selves as well as develop their skills and leave a tangible and clear fingerprint.

The episode was broadcasted live on the social media pages of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, the African Youth Bureau, Nasser Youth Movement, Model African Union and Africa-Asia Youth Foundation.

This program is considered the first live program in English launched by the Ministry, to support the concept of unity and global participation, as well as highlight the global successful youth experiences.

The program's guest list includes a number of decision makers and youth leader from different countries and in various fields. With the aim of broadcasting positive messages to the world’s youth from the heart of Cairo and to create a link between youth and decision makers, which contributes to preparing youth cadres able to make a difference on the ground.