Weekly GCTalks tackles how to avoid misinformation

By: Reem Sameh

The third episode of GCTalks discussed the current situation of the media in Africa and Asia and how to avoid misinformation and fake news, its challenges and solutions.

In the light of the current changes in the Media landscape, we decided to host our honorable guests Shon Osimbo, Sports TV Anchor, Reporter and Producer based in Nairobi, Kenya, and Jules Guiang, who is a PTV-4 TV Host, youth leader, and UN Youth Advisory Board in the Philippines.

Being a female sports anchor, Shon mentioned that as a woman the biggest challenge in her career journey was men doubting her ability to report or talk about sports, but she invested in herself and gain the knowledge to be a successful reporter and sports anchor.

While In the Philippines and in different democratic countries in Asia, Jules explained that in the media industry, there is an equal representation of women and men for the past few years so it’s not really much of a problem for women.

As the main theme of this episode of GCTalks is how to avoid misinformation and fake news, Shon said that the media should be alert and find the correct information and make sure the information is correct before publishing it to the public.

Jules addressed the audience advising them to be wise when dealing with information on social media, and to make sure the information is correct before sharing, liking or commenting on it by checking the website and the source of that information. 

Shon mentioned her visit to Egypt last year and praised Egypt's organization for the Africa Cup of Nations. She also expressed her happiness for attending the Africa Cup of Nations and for visiting Egypt.

The episode was broadcasted live on the official Facebook pages of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, the African Youth Bureau, Nasser Youth Movement, Model African Union and Africa-Asia Youth Foundation.

The program's guest list includes a number of decision makers and youth leader from different countries and in various fields. With the aim of broadcasting positive messages to the world’s youth to create a link between youth and decision makers.