Egyptian Youth Rethink the Future of Wellbeing in 2050: A Futures Literacy Lab-Novelty

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to many changes and unexpected impacts on our daily and professional lives and has raised questions regarding the future, notably among youth.  How can the youth of Egypt create value and hope out of the COVID-19 pandemic and envisage new horizons for achieving shock-resilient wellbeing?

Interested to develop new ideas for transforming your future to 2050? Do you have creative thinking and the flexibility to adapt and plan? You are kindly invited to apply for the workshop “Egyptian Youth Rethink the Future of Wellbeing in 2050: A Futures Literacy Lab-Novelty” organized by the Egyptian Ministry of Youth and Sports and UNESCO Regional Bureau for Science in the Arab States (Cairo), with support of Bibliotheca Alexandrina, UNFPA and UN Women.

Dates and venue:

21-24 July 2020 – Online (platform to be confirmed)

Objective of workshop:

Wellbeing is a multidimensional, personal and non-static concept. It emerges from thoughts, actions, and experiences we go through in our lives. The interpretation of wellbeing differs from one person to anther and may change over time. Wellbeing maybe about feeling positive, having quality relationships, a sense of meaning or purpose, and ability to manage stress, among others. While the subjectivity of the concept of wellbeing makes it difficult to share a universal understanding of it, it can be said that wellbeing is simply about ‘feeling well’.

The workshop aims to engage young persons in a process of thinking about the future of well-being by going through a journey of learning by doing, creative thinking, probing questions and reasoning. The collective intelligence of participants will be leveraged, and the frontiers of their thinking pushed, to invent new frameworks for making sense of a world where shocks are “business as usual”, requiring us to resiliently adapt the way we work and live.

For further information, please consult the concept note available here

Criteria for participation:

-          Holder of Egyptian nationality

-          Young participants aged 21-35 years old.

-          Knowledge of English (intermediate level).

-          Strong internet connection and access to a computer. Participation will require turning on the video feature using a computer.

-          Commitment to actively attend the full sessions of the workshop (Only participants attending in full will be granted a completion certificate from UNESCO).

-          In selecting participants, organizers will consider geographic and gender balance.

Interested applicants are invited to fill in the application form available here:

Deadline for submission of application: 11 July 2020

Accepted participants will be notified on or before 16 July 2020