The Ministry of Youth implements 11 projects under the usufruct system, with an investment return of 27.5 million L.E

By: Hend GadAllah

The Ministry of Youth and Sports announced that 11 projects have currently been completed in 4 youth centers in Fayoum Governorate, which vary between swimming pools, shops, and a social event hall. Five projects have been completed in the Martyr Hassan Abdel Moneim Youth Center, which includes a training swimming pool, a children's pool, in addition to a cafeteria, restaurant, and chalets. Also, the construction of several shops in Ibshway and Farkas Youth Centers has been completed, and a swimming pool and event hall have been constructed at Tabhar Youth Center, in addition to a cafeteria and a children's park.

It is worth noting that these projects come within the investment projects offered by the Ministry in the various youth centers as the investment return of these projects in Fayoum is estimated at 27.5 million L.E.

Dr. Ashraf Sobhy, Minister of Youth and Sports, emphasized the ministry keenness to expand investment projects in the various governorates, which come without financial burdens on the Ministry budget.

He pointed out that the investment projects at youth centers achieved an investment value over one billion and two hundred million pounds, with 174 youth centers in 19 governorates. 

The Minister of Youth and Sports added that the ministry is seeking to increase investments in club facilities and youth centers. These investments generate profits to be spent on various activities and also provide a balance for clubs and centers after taking all safety and security requirements for all projects in clubs and youth centers at the governorate level.