Minister of Sports: the Egyptian handball system is a model of harmony and Consistence, and praises the role of the President of the International Federation

By Hend GadAllah

The International Handball Federation committee praised the halls that host the World Handball Cup competitions that will hold in Egypt during the period from 13 to 31 next January. The committee inspected the halls of the Administrative Capital, Borg Al Arab, and October, in addition to the Cairo Stadium hall, expressed its glamour at the Egyptian sports facilities that were constructed at the last time to host the tournament. The International Federation Committee cleared that all matters are proceeding in full swing according to the timetable set by Egypt in coordination with the International Federation to deliver the halls at the time specified above, praising the size and quality of the work distinctively.

Dr. Ashraf Sobhy, Minister of Youth and Sports, said that there is full and permanent coordination with all the parties working in the halls to complete all work on the specified date. All buildings attached to them will be fully equipped as they express Egypt's ability to challenge the difficult conditions that the whole world went through because of the Corona pandemic. Sobhy explained that all buildings are constructed with Egyptian forearms and hands, which confirms our ability to challenge any circumstances.

He thanked and praised Dr. Hassan Mostafa, President of the International Handball Federation, for the great support he has provided to Egypt throughout the past stage and after winning the organization of the tournament and the great understanding that has a great contribution to accomplish all work with great perfection. He also said that Dr. Hassan Mustafa has a great sporting value and is at the helm of a major mass game in the world. Dr. Hassan made several things easy for Egypt to in the file of organizing the Hand World Cup and does spare anything towards Egypt’s benefit. 

The Minister of Youth and Sports stated that the praise of the International Federation Committee comes a few days after the international praise Egypt obtained after the distinguished organization of the World Cup draw under the foot of the pyramids. Senior figures in the Egyptian government, headed by Dr. Mustafa Madbouly, Prime Minister, and Chairman of the Supreme Organizing Committee of the tournament, were attended. In addition to several ministers, members of the First Committee, as well as representatives of 29 countries around the world, everyone came out amazed at what he saw, and Egypt presented at the draw ceremony.

Sobhy emphasized that everyone has a clear determination and will to provide their best in organizing the tournament in light of the great support of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi. The president demanded that all the requirements for success in the tournament be provided for Egypt to continue in the supervisory organization in front of the whole world in all international and continental tournaments. The last thing was two African Nations Championships for senior football and under 23 years old. He pointed out that Egypt will soon organize 30 international and continental championships in the New Year. This confirms the confidence of all international and continental sports federations and bodies in Egypt's ability and the Egyptian state to organize any international or continental sporting event.