Sports Ministry forms committee to inspect sports bodies

By: Reem Sameh

Ministry of Youth and Sports announced committees of specialists form the Ministry of Youth and Sports, members of the Central Auditing Organization (CAO), and some supervisory authorities, formed to carry out financial and administrative inspections on all sports and youth bodies across all governorates of the Republic.

These committees also include specialists from the directorates of youth and sports and the central departments of financial control affiliated to the Central Auditing Organization, distributed over all sectors of the Republic, and the specialists from the branches of the supervisory bodies distributed in all governorates.

The aim is to inspect and follow-up all the work of sports and youth bodies financially and administratively, in light of the financial and administrative laws and regulations governing the work of these bodies.

It’s expected for these committees to start working during the coming period starting with Cairo and extending to the various governorates. The committees will submit their detailed reports to the Ministry, the Central Auditing Agency, and the various supervisory authorities in the country to take the necessary actions towards them in accordance with the laws.