6650 applicants apply to volunteer at 27th World Handball Championship

 By: Reem Sameh

A statement by the Ministry of Youth and Sport declared that the Sports Olympic center in Maadi, Cairo hosted more than 6500 applicants as part of the interviews made for those who have applied to volunteer at the organization of the activities of the 27th edition of the World Handball Championship.

Dr. Ashraf Sobhy Minister of Youth and Sports, emphasized that Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah Al- Sisi has been deeply involved in the preparations process of the tournament, and that the president has ordered to provide all the capabilities needed for the success of the tournament.

The Minister stated that the volunteers, who will be chosen for the tournament, have an important role and responsibility in the success of the tournament, indicating that the volunteers will be on the front lines, which will give the first impression among all delegations and teams, and even the world.

The personal interviews were conducted by the volunteers commission that includes Dr. Sherif Abu El Enin, the head of the volunteers commission, Professor Nagwa Salah, Head of the Central Department for Cultural and Volunteer Programs in the Ministry of Youth and Sport, Professor Islam Abdel Aziz, Mr. Muhammad Mujahid, Dr. Abdullah Al-Batsh, Dr. Asmaa Ismail, and Professor Mustafa Magdy.

By the end the interviews in Cairo the volunteers commission will move to Alexandria to complete the interviews during the period from 18th to 19th of September.