Sports Minister attends Men's U21 African Volleyball Championship opening ceremony

By: Reem Sameh

Dr. Ashraf Sobhy, Minister of Youth and Sports, has attended the opening ceremony of the Men's U21 African Volleyball Championship, which is a qualifier for the World Championship set to be held next September. The African Championship is hosted by Cairo, Egypt from February 20 to 25. 

"We are honored to host our African brothers on the land of Egypt, which has become a platform for holding international and continental championships, events and sporting events," said the Minister of Sports, wishing everyone a good stay in their second country, Egypt.

Youth and Sports Minister stated that the African Volleyball Championship is under strict precautionary measures in light of Coronavirus, just like the World Handball Championship hosted by Egypt last January. 

The opening ceremony was attended by Dr. Ashraf Sobhy, the Egyptian Minister of Youth and Sports, in presence of CAVB Control Committee headed by CAVB Vice-President Adnan Bakbak and Local Organizing Committee presided by Dr. Sameh Hamdy. In addition to Dr. Ahmed Al-Sheikh, Executive Director of the Ministry.

The national team includes Anas Shawky, Omar Wael, Marwan Al Safi, Youssef Ashraf Abbas, Omar Sherif, Youssef Naseer and Abdul Rahman Al Shahhat, Abdel Rahman Al Husseiny, Eyad Ihab, Ahmed Ayman, Hazem Ashraf Rashad, And Ibrahim Raslan.