The Ministry of Youth concludes the activities of the Fifth Scout Forum for People with special needs

By Hend GadAllah

         Youth and Sports Ministry concluded the activities of the Fifth Scout and Guidance Festival for People with special needs under the slogan, "I can do differently.” The Central Administration for Minister Affairs (The Office of People with special needs) organized it in the youth city of Abu Qir, Alexandria with the participation of 400 young men and women with intellectual disabilities. Participants competed in several fields, including artistic, religious, scout, sports, and cultural activities.

        The closing ceremony was attended by Dr. Mohamed Abdel Sattar and Dr. Walid Ragab, members of People’s with special needs office at the Ministry of Youth and Sports, Dr. Abu Auf Kamel, the Youth City Director in Abu Qir, Alexandria, and the jury members headed by Captain Tamer Abdel Rahman. The first places of the festival were announced during the closing ceremony that was held at the Youth City Theater in Alexandria.

         It is worth noting that this festival comes within the framework of the state's interest in helping people with special needs, developing and refining their skills in addition to activating the hobby badges and public services and raising their physical level, and rising a new generation interested in sports and scouting activities.