Gymnastics Federation is ready to host the International Pharaohs Cup

By: Nabila Essam

The Gymnastics Federation, led by Dr. Ihab Amin, has completed its preparations for hosting the second international "Pharaohs Cup" for aerobic gymnastics, scheduled to start tomorrow, Thursday, till April 10.

The president of the Gymnastics Federation and the Board of Directors followed up the final preparations and arrangements for 6th October Sports Hall, which is going to host the tournament. 


Eight countries are participating in the International Pharaohs Cup: Brazil, Azerbaijan, Romania, the Czech Republic, Belarus, Yemen, Syria and Egypt, the host country, with a total of 395 athletes. 


Dr. Ashraf Sobhy praised Ihab Amin's performance and his efforts to include the tournament on the agenda of the International Federation of the Game, noting that the tournament gained a formal rating after obtaining the international evaluation as an international club championship, as these tournaments are considered a golden opportunity for male and female Egyptian club players to participate and appear in an international competition.

Ihab Amin, president of the Gymnastics Federation, confirmed that all precautionary and preventive measures are taken to face coronavirus to ensure the safety of the players participating in the tournament, heads of delegations, and guests.  

 He added that the Egyptian Gymnastics Federation is operating at full capacity to prepare promising athletic champions in order to participate in the Olympics and achieve various medals in the tournaments in which Egypt participates, as this tournament is a golden opportunity that provides strong contact for the players of our national teams.

It is worth noting that the first "Pharaohs Cup" championship was held in Hurghada in November 2019 and the tournament was attended by Christina Maria, representative of the International Gymnastics Federation and Chair of the Technical Committee of the European Union and Vice President of the Mediterranean Gymnastics Confederation.