Ashraf Sobhy attends Air Badminton Festival at Baron Palace

By: Reem Sameh 

Dr. Ashraf Sobhy, Minister of Youth and Sports, attended the Air Badminton Festival organized by the African Badminton Federation in front of the Baron Palace, in the presence of Hisham El-Tohamy, President of the Egyptian Badminton Federation, and Hadia Hosni, a member of Parliament.

Air Badminton is a new project officially launched by the International Badminton Federation last year, with the aim of making badminton sport more widespread and giving an opportunity to a larger segment of people to practice and enjoy badminton, so that its practice is not limited to indoor halls only.

Dr. Ashraf Sobhy confirmed that Air badminton is a new game added to sports in Egypt, through which the base of sports practice can be increased in addition to holding events in tourist and archaeological sites

The project also aims in the near future to establish international tournaments such as beach volleyball tournaments and other similar games.

In this regard, Sobhy pointed out that Egypt is the land of peace and safety, stressing that Egypt's hosting of international and continental championships in various sports is the best message of peace to the world.

The Egyptian badminton players participated in the festival.