Minister of Sports honors Egyptian champions in Fencing World Championship

By: Nabila Essam

This morning, Dr. Ashraf Sobhy, Minister of Youth and Sports, honored the Egyptian champions in the sabre competitions, after winning historic medals in the World Fencing Championship, that Egypt hosts from 3 to 11 April 2021. 

The Minister of Youth and Sports congratulated Mazen Elaraby, Adham Moataz, Eyad Marouf and Zeyad Nofal. and all the fencers on their outstanding performance. 


Sobhy said,"You pleased us with the medals and assured Egyptꞌs leadership in this game," expressing his great happiness at the remarkable achievement that was attained under exceptional circumstances, explaining that the Egyptian national team and the players were responsible enough.

 The fencers expressed their great happiness and thanked the Minister of Sports, Egypt and the Fencing Federation for their continuous support to their champions.  


 The Egyptian National Youth Team of Fencing won the gold medal in the team sabre competitions, in a historic achievement, and Adham Moataz also won the bronze medal in the youth individual sabre competitions, which is the first medal since 2015. 


Fifth seeds Egypt defeated third seeds Russia in the final 45-38, to win the gold medal. Egypt's team fencers are Mazen Elaraby, Adham Moataz, Eyad Marouf and Zeyad Nofal. 


Yesterday, Muhammad Yassin and Muhammad Al-Sayed, fencers of the national team, achieved a historic achievement for Egypt in fencing, for the first time in history, by being qualified for the semi-finals of the World Youth Championship. 


Muhammad Yassin managed to win the silver medal and Muhammad Al-Sayed won the bronze medal in the competitions. 

It has been mentioned that the male and female junior competitions are held today for fencing. The youth team will participate with three players: namely Muhammad Yassin, Abdel Rahman Hassan, Mahmoud Al-Sayed, and the young women's team will participate with three players: Salma Tariq, Maya Shalash and Farah Hany.