Egypt hosts the African artistic gymnastics qualifiers for the Tokyo Olympics

By Hend GadAllah

 African Gymnastic Federation, headed by the Algerian Ali Zaatar, decided during the federation executive office meeting via video conference that Egypt will host the African qualifying tournament in May 2021 for the Tokyo Olympics 2020. This is after South Africa is not able to host it and the objection of four countries in light of the Corona pandemic. The South African Union has responded to the request to transfer hosting the African qualifiers for artistic gymnastics qualifying for the Tokyo Olympics 2021.

The Egyptian Gymnastics Federation, headed by Dr. Ihab Amin, saved the qualifiers from cancellation and hosting the tournament to preserve at least two seats for Egypt to participate in Tokyo. The Egyptian team continues its training for artistic gymnastics men (Omar Al-Arabi, Mohamed Montaser, and Ziad Khater) and women (Farah Ahmed, Jana Hany, and Zina Mohamed) to participate in the qualifiers. 

Ihab Amin, the Egyptian Gymnastics Federation President and Vice President of the African Union, affirmed Egypt's ability to organize while taking all precautionary measures to ensure the safety of the players and delegations. He also said that Egypt can host continental and international tournaments through sports facilities and infrastructure at the highest level.