Sara Samir the Egyptian weightlifter

Wrote By: Reem Sameh

Sara Samir Elsayed Mohamed Ahmed, was born in 1st of January 1998 in hwanyah village in El-Ismailia Governorat

Sara was inspired to play weightlifting after she saw girls lifting weights while she was encouraging and cheering for her brother while he was participating in the republic championship for weightlifting, and she was only 12 years old when she started playing weightlifting

Sara loved it and didn’t think to play any other sport. and after 5 months of training, she won the first place in her first republic championship

she also won the first place in her second participation in the republic championship for weightlifting, and after that victory she joined the national team and realized that she has to do her best to keep her first position and her place in the national team

after entering the national team she couldn’t participate in any African or world championship for a while because of her young age, but after that she embarked in her spectacular career where she clinched 6 gold medals, (3 golds in the junior championship and 3 golds in youth championship) at her first participation in the 2012 African championship

Sara achieved the first place in the 2013 world youth championship. and won a gold medal in the 2014 youth Olympics games in Nanjing in the 63 kg contest
 in 2015, Sara won 3 gold medals in the 69 kg contest in the African games in Congo

while in 2016, Sara was the first female in the country's history to win an Olympic medal after winning bronze at the Rio de Janeiro Games. and she won a gold medal in the 2017 world weightlifting championship in the united states of America

in 2018 Sara got to many medals, she won 3 gold medals at the world youth championship in the 69 kg contest in Uzbekistan, she also won 2 silver medals and one bronze medal breaking three world records for juniors at the world championship in Turkmenistan, in addition to 2 gold medals at the Mediterranean games in Spain