Saif Issa the Egyptian Taekwondo Player

Wrote By: Reem Sameh

Saif Issa, an Egyptian Taekwondo player, has won many medals and brought pride to Egypt with his victories in local and international competitions

Taekwondo wasn’t his  first choice but he chose to swim first and continued for a certain period until he was able to improve his performance and already entered the swimming team at the hunting club, but after a period of Saif did not feel happy and happy from the sport and could not adapt to the conditions of daily exercise decided to leave. Then he went on to taekwondo, and because he was a busy boy who was very taekwondo because he was a fighter and was very competitive and already started training taekwondo in 2004 and that was the beginning of his career in taekwondo.

Issa expressed his love for taekwondo and how much he benefited in his health and mental life. And that sport in general helps the person in organizing his time and not waste his time, but on the contrary give him a goal seeks to achieve his life is meaningless.

Saif Issa, the Egyptian world champion, started his Taekwondo tour in 2004 but was unable to win any competitions until 2009, when he won his first trophy. Then the Taekwondo team entered in 2013.

 In 2014 he won the bronze at the 15-year-old Beijing Youth Olympic Games in China.

In 2015, Saif won first place and won the gold medal in the 74 kg competition at the Morocco International Championship. In the same year he also won first place and a gold medal weighing 74 kg competitions Morocco International Championship.

In the year 2016, Saif won a golden medal in Fujairah International Taekwondo Championship. And a golden medal at Qatar International Open.

In 2017, Saif won the silver medal at the Taekwondo Grand Prix in Morocco. And qualified to be among the top 6 Taekwondo players in the world.

2018 for Saif was full of achievements, In June, Saif won the silver medal in the 80 kg competition in the Mediterranean cycle in Spain. Also In July he won the silver medal in the 80 kg competition of the Hassan Open Cup for Taekwondo in Jordan. And In October, Saif won the bronze medal at the 2018 Grand Prix in Manchester, England.