Nahla Sameh talks about her dreams in the Arab championship

Wrote By: Ahmed Abdel-Kader

Nahla Sameh, a player with a unique sports career as she qualified for the first volleyball team for women when she was only 14 in 2003 and joined the team of young in the same year

Nahla, the leader of the first team of volleyball of El-Ahly sports club, won 30 local championships during 15 seasons in El-Ahly sports club. Where she won all the Egyptian leagues, and Egypt cup since 2003 till the current season. She also  won 10 titles at the continental level from Arabic to African tournaments where she won 5 African championships in the  “ 2007-2009-2015-2016-2018” seasons. In addition to 5 Arabic championships in the “2006-2007-2010-2016-2018” seasons. 

Her dream is to win all the championships the team will participate in, during this year. 

Q: what are your ambitions with El-Ahli before the Arab Volleyball Championship, which will be held on the 25th of January? 

A: I hope to win the 4 championships just like the last year. But this year the competitions are different because of the strength of the teams participating in the tournament.

Q: What are your preparation before the Arab championship?

A:We were lucky to go through tough matches in the league championship before the closed camp to prepare for the Arab championship, witch enabled us to experience some technical things that we will face during the championship. 

Q: What misses the national team to win the African championship and achieving first places in the international tournaments?! 

A: the team possesses strong players and the best in the continent and most of them are under 23 years. But the African teams like Cameron, Kenya and Senegal, have professional players in the European leagues with high ages and expertise. 

Q:How did you meet the player Sara Amin, and how the younger players are treated in the team?   

A: Sara Amin is an old friend for El-Ahly players as they played together in the national team. Sara is a strong and tough player and has experience and she’s the best player in Egypt in her position and will benefit the team in the coming tournaments.