Egypt snatches 8 medals in Arabic Shooting Tournament in UAE

The Egyptian National team finished his participation in Arab Shooting tournament which held in UAE, with 8 different medals.


In rifle shooting competition, Mohamed Hamdy Abdel Qader snatched the gold medal, Youssef Helmy snatched the bronze medal, and the men's team won the team gold medal, while Shaimaa Hashad snatched the bronze medal in the women's single competition, and Egypt got the silver for the women teams.


As for the pistol competitions, the player Maskat Ali snatched the silver medal in the air pressure pistol race, while Sami Abdel Razek was crowned with the silver medal for men, and finally the mixed team consisting of Sami Abdel Razek and  Maskat Ali snatches the silver medal.


It is known that 9 Arab countries are participating in the championship as, Egypt, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Iraq, Sudan and Syria.