Empowering African Youth - Articles

By: Nouhan Bayo


I believe very much the great leadership of this great nation through the realities that I saw on the spot in Cairo, Luxor and Aswan.

A president in the service of the nation and his ministry of youth and sports are very operational.

Given the major desire to empower and empower African youth without distinction, this great statesman is committed to investing in African youth through the African Union and his Ministry of Youth and Sports by giving 10,000 training programs for this youth from this month of January 2019.

For the first time in Africa, an incumbent head of state of the African Union gives the benefit to the youth.

Africa is a continent of the future, a continent of young people more than 200 million young active people.

His Excellency, all African youth is very happy with this announcement at the summit of the African Union, we say you big up and God protect you!!!